Nature, Sports and Wellness

Nature, sports and wellness; three different attractive options that Puglia offers to a traveler. The extremely mild climate of the region and the presence of natural protected areas allow sports to be practiced year-round, immersed in the green of the Mediterranean vegetation: trekking and cycling, horse riding, golf courses, natural parks and protected areas, diving centers and sailing equipment supply, windsurf, kitesurf etc.
Nature in Puglia means inner country as well, the Murgia, the Daunia, the masserie, Agritourism and the opportunity to experience the contact with a genuine environment. The presence of spas and wellness centers meet the demands of different target markets.
Businesses can partake in initiatives involving this product if:

  • they are located near to, run or are well connected with sports facilities used by tourists (golf courses, bike rental, riding stables, windsurf and kitesurf centers etc.) and with spas and Wellness centers;- They are located near to or within national or regionals park areas or inside protected areas;
  • they are equipped for outdoor sports and recreation;
  • they have spa resorts and Wellness centers;
  • they provide services for outdoor activities  (trekking, mountain biking, biking, bird-watching etc.), sports, wellness and slow tourism;
  • they offer sport tourism packages and provide services for relevant sports events, nature excursions, cycling, day spas and slow tourism.

The product Nature, Sport and Wellness includes; natural protected areas, rural landscapes with centuries-old olive trees, oaken groves and Mediterranean vegetation, accommodation in trulli (typical local houses) and in picturesque manor farms, Destination spas, wellness centers, outdoor sports or backpacking.