Events and Entertainment

Visiting Puglia is a way to discover a rich calendar of events held throughout the year, choosing between leisure activities, clubbing, shows, culture and entertainment. Businesses can partake in initiatives involving this product if:

  • they are located near event locations of particular interest for tourists;
  • they are located next to an area generally recognized as a Cultural attraction, to an event location or to a youth entertainment hub;
  • they provide accommodation service relying on their experience in entertainment and leisure industry;
  • they organize leisure travels, travels related to big festivals, music events, Art exhibitions etc.;
  • they provide services to tourists looking for culture experiences, theater performances, recreational and leisure activities.  

The product Events & Entertainment includes a service package (hospitality, interpretive programs and extra services) which is always at the tourist's disposal for Exhibitions, Music Festivals, Film Festivals, Opera seasons, Concerts, Performances, Music events, parties, exclusive or mass events. The calendar of events (and organizers) is to be consulted only after registration at: (integrated in DMS).