The sea

Of all Puglia's attractions, the sea represents the major tourist attractor of the region. With its 860 km of coastline, it stands at the very heart of the overall tourism offer in the territory. Puglia's coastline, which includes several protected areas, has an extraordinary variety:  wide sand and rocky shores, islands with a pristine nature, secluded beaches and popular seaside resorts.
The sea of Puglia can be enjoyed in many ways: relaxing, having fun, doing sports, adventuring or simply by being in contact with nature.
Businesses can partake in initiatives involving this product if:

  • they are located near marine protected areas (Tremiti, Torre Guaceto, Porto Cesareo etc.), small docks, seaside resorts and provide other sea related services;
  • they are located in coastal areas characterized by a seasonal tourism demand;
  • they organize guided tours, fishing activities, provide boat charter services and services related to beach activities (boat charter, diving, docking, sport centers etc.);
  • they organize summer season travels according to the resorts offers.